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Mark & Jennifer

Where to begin with these two!! I had the honor of photographing Mark & Jen’s wedding and, wow. Just wow.

Their day was completely saturated with personal touches and perfect moments. I was warned that there would be lots of tears—what I wasn’t told was that I should have worn my own waterproof mascara and snuck some tissues into my pockets! Jen’s attention to detail and love of people was seen from her hand-sewn monogrammed shirts for her bridesmaid’s gifts to her custom made bobble-head cake topper to surprise her bobble-head collecting husband-to-be (not even kidding. it was adorable!!). Mark’s deep appreciation of people was seen in his sweet handwritten note to Jen and his heartfelt toast to all of their guests.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite moments from the day. Mark and Jen saved their first look for the walk down the aisle, but wanted to be sure to have a moment to connect and pray before the ceremony. With one on each side of a simple room divider, they held hands and shared a sacred space to sink into their new reality. As a photographer, I am continuously humbled and thankful to be in those spaces.

Thank you, Mark and Jen, for inviting me to be a part of your day! My endless congratulations to you both!!




Second Shooter: Grant Novak

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